Feeling Left Out of a Badminton Group

If you are a long-time reader of my blog, you know how I feel about the teachers at my school. SInce they beginning they have never included me, and haven’t been very welcoming. Even now, after I have proven myself a better player than them they are STILL not at all welcoming or nice to me. (As recently realized by Azhi who didn’t even know the history of them and me, but also picked up the fact they didn’t want to play with us a few months ago.)

I usually don’t care because their level isn’t that high so I don’t want to regularly play with them anyway, but since they are my coworkers there are several competitions a year that I MUST play with them. Like this competition for university teachers. Only one team of teachers is allowed to enter, and as usual they didn’t ask me, so I couldn’t compete. Sigh…..


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