This is a running tally of gear I have used in my badminton life. Maybe boring for you guys, but I like having a record. Even though my gear only lasts for a short time before it is replaced, I use it so much, each piece has a special place in my heart.

My most recent gear is on this page. Click through the links to see all my past gear!


I try to regularly change my shoes as they are the most important piece of equipment a badminton player can have.


Wish brand shoes. I left my former pair of shoes in America and just asked my coach to prepare a pair on my return. This is what he came up with (he wears the same). Super comfy and a bargain at 328rmb. August 2016

To see my past shoes click here.


Honestly, I am no expert on rackets even though I should be. I actually haven’t bought a racket myself as my friends are super awesome so my rackets have all been gifts. I also let my coach choose the strings and pounds as he knows better than me what is suitable.