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Me and Lee Chong Wei!

Hi. I’m Becky, an American girl living and working in China since 2009. I played badminton as a backyard sport, but, like most Americans didn’t know much about it. Even after living in Hangzhou, China for five years, it stayed off my radar. Then I moved to Xiamen, China and started to play weekly with a group of friends in 2015. My interest grew, as did my desire to improve and learn more about this sport.

Some things you should know about me:

My Chinese name is Long Xiao Bing (pronounced long shao bing) but everyone calls me Xiao Bing. Many of the people I play badminton with don’t know my real name and when I quote people in my blog, I write my Chinese name.

I speak fluent mandarin. My coach, and all the people I play with regularly can’t speak English so it’s up to me to try to understand what they are saying. I’ve also only trained badminton in Chinese so sometimes I don’t know the English word for a technique or move so forgive me if I get it wrong. I also translate all our conversations myself so I could definitely misunderstand things from time to time. But what I write in my blog is my understanding of events. 

I found a real passion with badminton, so much so that I found a top coach and now have lessons once a week in addition to playing about 5 times a week. Basically, I’m obsessed. I only take off Fridays.


This blog is about my journey from badminton newbie to gaoshou, which means expert in Chinese.  Luckily I have very little shame and will share every embarrassing and awkward moment of my journey on this blog. I promise there will be plenty. If you are a badminton fan too, join me as we work to improve ourselves. If you are a badminton expert, feel free to laugh at my terrible terminology, misunderstandings of everything, and tomfoolery. Then tell me how to do better.

This blog also will focus solely on badminton. If you are interested in what life is like in China please check out my other blog: Writer. Traveler. Tea Drinker.  If you have any questions or any advice for me, please contact me: chinabecky(at)gmail(dot)com

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