These are all the tournaments I’ve participated in just so I can keep track. I’ve always wanted to play competitively, but I’m only now at the level where I can actually play without embarrassing myself too much. As a foreigner I get blocked from entering a lot of tournaments (Chinese citizens only) but I play every tournament I can!


June 14-15: East West North South Central Competition

Mixed doubles (with my coach)

5th place

April 6-7: Victor Double Hero Tournament

Team: The black Dragons (team captain)

Mixed doubles (with Indra)

Team won 2nd place in the Professional players group

March 3rd: Jimei Women’s Competition

Women’s Doubles (with Luo Ting)

9th Place!


Sept 8-9th: National Fitness Tournament

Mixed doubles (with Azhi)

Made it to the second day but lost

June 29th: Jimei University Teacher Competition

Women’s doubles (with Bai Laoshi)

2nd place

June 24th: The Becky Cup

Individual game with changing partners.

4th place

May 27th-28th: Yonex Women’s Competition

Women’s doubles (with Pigeon)

5th place win!! (Highest level competition of the year)

March 11th: Jimei Women’s Competition

Women’s Doubles (with Bai Laoshi)

Didn’t place (played with the flu)

Jan 6th: Xiang’an Club Competition

Mixed doubles (with Azhi)

We won our game. (2:1)

Our club won the competition too. 19:11


Dec 31st: New Years Competition

International Team (I was captain)

Mixed doubles (with Azhi)

8th out of 9 teams. Azhi and I won 3 out of 8 games.

Dec 3rd: Jimei Community Team Tournament

The Black Dragons team competition (I was captain)

Mixed doubles (with Azhi)

Didn’t place. Team lost.

Nov 19th: Cross club competition with Tong’an

Mixed doubles (with Azhi)

Lost our game 1:2. Team won.

Nov 7-8th: National Fitness Tournament 全民健康比赛

Mixed Doubles (with Azhi)

Didn’t place

Nov 4th: Feather God Tournament 神羽争锋比赛

Xiong Feng Team Competition

Mixed doubles (with Wei Peng)

Didn’t place.

Oct 15th: Jimei Community Badminton Competition

Mixed doubles (with Azhi)

Third place. 200 rmb

June 30th: Friendly cross-club competition in Shishi shi (石狮市)

Mixed doubles (with my coach)

Lost our game but it was a team tournament and we won 7-6.

June 24th: Yonex Ladies Badminton Tournament (Workers stadium)

Women’s Doubles (with Steph)

Didn’t place

June 9th: Jimei University Teachers Competition

Women’s Doubles (with Bai Laoshi)

Second place. 500 RMB

April 23rd: Xiang’an Courts Opening Day Tournament

Mixed Doubles (with Azhi)

Didn’t place

March 5th: Jimei Women’s Tournament

Women’s Doubles (with Bai Laoshi)

Didn’t place


November 5th: Jimei Community Tournament

Mixed Doubles (Azhi partner)

5th place. 100 rmb

Honorable Mention Writing Award. 100 rmb

June 23rd: Becky Cup

Mixed Doubles (Coach partner)

Didn’t place