This is a running list of my shoes (in reverse date order).

My coaches club has our own team shoes. They are Wish brand and bright orange and yellow so everyone can see them. I keep them at my coaches court (I wear another pair when I play elsewhere). Summer/fall/spring 2017-2018

Since there are about 30 of us with the same shoes, and most of us leave them at the court, I have written my name on them so no one confuses them. I also helped my friend label his with me BEAUTIFUL drawing of a dragon and the word “dragon” written in traditional Chinese.

These are my other shoes. I bought them from my coach (he wears the same) and they are Wish brand. Super comfy and a bargain at 328rmb. Summer and fall 2017

I didn’t take a picture of just these shoes themselves, but you can kinda see them in this pic. White with neon orange these are more decathalon shoes. These were getting pricier but less than 300rmb. They were okay shoes but during hard training I would get a blister on the top of my toe so they probably didn’t fit quite right.These shoes went to America with me, but didn’t make it back. My luggage was too full with other stuff and it was time to replace them. Winter and Spring 2017.

My first pair of Yonex shoes but I bought them in Decathalon. They were the cheapest Yonex shoes and I think they were around 200rmb. They were too tight and hurt my feet but at that time I was playing so much badminton I thought my feet were sore from playing. It was only after I got new shoes I realized the truth. Fall and winter 2016.


Decathalon shoes, Artengo brand. I don’t remember how much they were but pretty cheap. I was still trying to avoid colorful shoes at this point, but let’s face it, these were quite ugly.Summer and fall 2015

My first shoes ever! These were the cheapest pair at Decathalon I could buy but it was the first time I bought sports shoes specifically for badminton! (Before this I was just using my sneakers.) Most badminton shoes are bright with neon colors and I decided to get away from that as much as I could. Not only was this the cheapest but the simplest too. I wore these way too long as I really wore out the soles before replacing them. 2015