Let’s Drool Over Some Hot Badminton Guys!

So I stumbled across this article, which was one of the highest shared badminton articles on Facebook this past week. It was shared and liked thousands of times (about 48k). The article is about Gronya Sommerville, an Australian up-and-coming player who is making a bid for the 2016 Olympics.

But read that article and you wouldn’t know she is good at all. Instead it’s all about how hot she is, and how people are willing to watch her play badminton because they get a hard-on checking out her sexy body (forget about watching a woman for skill, let’s just check out her tits and long legs and hope her sweat makes her shirt cling to her more tightly.)

This happens to women in sports all the time. So let’s be fair here. Time to objectify the men on nothing except their body. So here you go, without explanation of skill or ability, here are some guys in the professional badminton world that will get your panties in a bunch.


Lin Dan? More like Lin Da-yam!

Lin Dan? More like Lin Dayum!


Chen long

Chen Long – Firearms are illegal in China, so where did he get them guns?!


Cai yun – regular Olympian? Who cares, let’s see some abs! Take off dem shirt boy!

Cai yun – Regular Olympian? Who cares, let’s see some abs! Take off dem shirt boy!



jan O jorgenson

Jan O Jorgensen- Not Asian, but we’ll forgive you baby if you wiggle your ass and flash that boyish smile our way.


taufik hidayat

Taufik Hidayat –His name is too easy for me to pun, so I’ll let you, dear reader, come up with your own. With this oiled up muscle pic it shouldn’t be too hard.


zhang nan

Zhang Nan — Not too ‘nan’ on the eyes. (Okay, this joke only works in Chinese. One meaning of the word nan is hard, so I’m saying he’s not hard on the eyes. Get it?! Becky humor.)

Truth is, even in my daily life, I’m quite good at objectifying men. (I once had a guy ask me if I liked him for his personality or just his hot body. He was genuinely concerned.) And to level the sports world, and the world in general, I am happy to continually ferret out the hottest players and tell you all about them. No wait, not tell you about that, that would ruin the fun. It’s hard to objectify someone when you see them for skills and ability and you begin to respect them. So I’ll be sure to share pics of hot guys with no other information about them besides how hot they are. You’re welcome ladies.


  1. Autumn

    “Lin DAYUM,” LOL. Yeah, I know you tried hard (pun intended), but you just can’t match the effortless sexism of that HFM article.

    I did not realize that anyone wrote that kind of over-the-top crap anymore.

  2. brianbrian

    I agree with you, and at the same time I am conflicted on the subject. So, what was your answer???

  3. Becky (Post author)

    yeah autumn, I guess I DID put a little too much effort into my sexism. damn it, I’ll try harder next time…no wait…I won’t try harder it will just come more natural. 😉

  4. Moo

    “He’s not Asian…” well someone has yellow fever

    1. Bad4pol87

      Yes it’s kind of racist and offensive. Imagine someone said “he’s not white.”


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