How Much Does Learning Badminton Cost Me? November’s Costs

Every month I update on how much money I am spending on badminton.


Didn’t buy much this month, only a few shirts on taobao during the Singles Day sales event and one at walmart. (Yeah, I know Walmart sucks, but here in China it’s the only place I can reliably find bigger sizes for western bodies.)

Total costs: 455rmb ($71)


Because I got sick one week I cancelled class. So this month I only had three classes which is well worth the money.

Total cost: 450rmb ($70)

Court time:

As usual I played with my group two times a week every week, except for one time cancelled for sickness and one time cancelled for Thanksgiving. So six times total. Again, it averages out to be about 20rmb per time, and I’ll add 10rmb because we need to buy more birdies regularly (I’ve started collecting the old birdies at the end of the night and give them to my teacher as he has a big box of old birdies for practice.)

Total cost: 120rmb ($19)

Total cost for November: 1025rmb ($160)

Grand Total 2015: 2305rmb ($360)



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