A Winter Badminton Striptease!

We finally had ONE kinda cold wintery day. The daytime temps were in the upper 50’s and nighttime fell to 48°F (9°C). So I ACTUALLY felt cold and I ACTUALLY wore a scarf at night which was amazing. I love winter, and thick jackets and scarves and hats and all that. But Xiamen is a subtropical climate and it doesn’t get anywhere near to freezing, not even in January. I have no hat, no winter coat and survived last winter without problem.

But I need to wear kinda warm clothes when it’s in the 40’s and badminton is hot sweaty work, requiring fewer clothes. So what’s a girl to do? Why, layer up of course! Then have a big court side reveal striptease….


Brrr...Winter Becky is dressed suitably.

Brrr…Winter Becky is dressed suitably.

Badminton striptease

Goodbye scarf and jacket!

Badminton Striptease

(In all honestly, this was an unplanned picture. My friend just thought it was hilarious when I had trouble taking off my shirt.)

Woo-hoo! Goodbye shirt!

Woo-hoo! Goodbye shirt!

Badminton striptease

What are you looking at cheeky bastard?

Badminton bitch is ready to play!

Badminton bitch is ready to kill all opponents!

The best striptease of the night was done off camera though. I asked my friend Dennis to take these pictures for me and after, when I was looking at them, he said “How about this?” and ripped off his outer pants stripper style! Like, grabbing them at the thighs and just pulling them away and off. It was amazing but the bastard refused to do it again for the camera.

In all seriousness, in the colder (I wont say cold as temps are back up to 22°C/71°F) weather I do have to be careful. My teacher made me warm up extra long and I noticed that I only drank half a bottle of water for 2 hours of play (normally I drink 1-2 bottles depending on the heat). So I need to drink more for sure, as I still sweat, it just dries up quicker so I don’t notice.

After months of drowning myself in my own sweat, it’s really nice to have a little cooler weather for a bit. The heat and humidity returns in March so I have a few months of hopefully cooler game play and I want to take advantage of it for every minute.

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