Even Badminton People on the Internet are Jerks

So, I was watching the Dubai World Series Finals live on Youtube the other night. It was my frist time watching any of these games live (I only realized thanks to a link on Facebook) and it was cool to watch. I watched the mixed doubles finals, and the women’s singles final (which was hella exciting).

But watching a live event, I noticed, for the first time ever, the “live chat” feature on Youtube. You can write comments that everyone can see on the side of the video. And it being the badminton finals, and badminton being a pretty niche sport, I figured there would be some interesting comments.

I figured wrong.

Turns out even the people watching badminton turn into assholes while typing. Here are some of the comments:

Badminton comments

One guy said he was French, so the conversation turned to France for a minute.

“I went to Paris, there was piss everywhere on the floor.”

“French Sperm”

And notice the random “If you come here in the down under, you will get your butthole sodomized by a kangaroo.”

Badminton youtube comments

Then during the women’s singles game there was the predicatble “nice ass, nice tits” comments galore. But I found this random anti semitism a nice change from the sexism “Chen Jin has a jew nose.” (Note that Chen Jin is a retired male badminton player turned women’s coach. Not someone playing.)

Also, notice people cheering for Lin Dan. Again, Lin Dan is a male player and had nothing to do with this game (and wasn’t even in the tournament at all), yet repeatedly people kept cheering for him in the comments.

Badminton youtube comments

Then the chat turned “political” in talking about the Taiwan/China relations, only in the dumbest way possible.

“Taiwan is in Africa.”

“Your mum is in Africa.”

“Getting boned by big slaves.”

Really badminton people, really?! I know that the anonymity of the internet makes it a “safe” place to spew your dumb, racist and sexist comments but really?! We are badminton people. And we know better and should act better. Behave like it!



  1. Autumn

    Sigh. No hope for the human race.

  2. Becky (Post author)

    For reals. *grrrrr*

  3. Not Lin Dan

    Badminton is one of those rare sports where deception is looked positively on…..what kind of people do you think that “sport” is going to attract? Any other sport calls it what it is…..cheap points. There’s a YouTube footage of some guy running after another to physically beat him during a badminton tournament lol


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