This is Exactly How My Badminton Games are Every Wednesday

I’ve talked a lot about playing games Wednesday night after my training session, and how I’m always outclassed. I was watching some videos on youtube and came across this game that is the exact way all my games go every week.

The team in blue is the worlds #1 men’s double teams from Korea. The guys in black are some fans. While the guys in black are good, no doubt, they are clearly a level below the pro’s. I mean, of course they are.

This game play level is higher than my game plays, but everything else is the same. See how the amateurs are just clearly outclassed? No matter how good they do, the pro’s are always one step ahead. And when the amateurs actually get a good shot and a point everyone freaks out and claps because they are so surprised. That’s exactly what happens to me. I get a good shot sometimes and everyone claps and says “hao qiu” (good ball) just because they never actually expect me to get any.

If you pay attention most of the points the amateurs get is because of mistakes the pro’s made, not because of the amateurs own skill. Sometimes, that’s actually my game play strategy. I just hope I can keep the birdie in play long enough so that the better players makes their own mistakes. It’s a pretty passive strategy, but it actually works.

Anyway, it’s a short, 10 minute game and a good low camera angle so you can really see the action. Enjoy! (It’s a youtube video. If you’re in China, sorry. Get A VPN already!)

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