Badminton Costs: March and April

I figure these budget posts are pretty boring so I’ll update it every two months instead of every month.


This was a big month for equipment. I bought some basic stuff, a new pair of shoes, a towel for my sweat, a new shirt, which wasn’t much. But then I restrung my racket, for 60 rmb, and one week later it snapped. So I had to buy another one (150rmb), and had to have it restrung (30rmb). I also bought a cool new badminton backpack (178rmb). Then my new shoes broke and my teacher told me to upgrade. “Your playing is too advanced for the low level shoes,” he told me, which made me super happy. So I went with 300rmb shoes, and since I was already in the shop, I picked up a few more things. And then I got a foam roller (63rmb) to help stretch out my tired legs after training.

It was a big few months for all that.

Total Cost: 1398 rmb ($215)


Just missed one week due to sickness, and there were nine wednesday nights in March and April so eight classes all together.

Total cost: 1200 rmb ($184)

Court Time:

Played twice a week for almost the entire two months. Didn’t go once due to sickness and didn’t need to pay once because I won our mini competition. But then I played extra a few weekends. So 17 times all together at 20rmb a pop.

Total cost: 340rmb ($52)

Total costs March and April: 2938 RMB ($450) 

Costs this year:  3727 RMB ($571) 


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