Badminton Jealousy (WU #20)

This week was my 6-month class with my coach! Woot! Truly a momentous occassion when you think where I was when I started my first class with him. I could barely hit a birdie across half the court. Now we start off each class hitting it easily from the back to the back. Every aspect has improved.

And my improvement has been public. We play at the same place, same time with┬áthe same people around us. (The people that pretty much hate me.) They’ve seen my improvements, realized how good my coach is, and hired him for themselves.

Now on one hand, I’m so proud. My teacher has given me the credit for three new students he has and I really want to help him out and support him so that makes me happy. (Even if it’s actually because of his good teaching skills, not my good badminton skills.) But two of those three students now have class right after me. They basically take away my teacher. I know, I had it too good before. I only paid him for one hour, but usually got 2+ hours of his time.

So fine. I’ll share him. But when he is teaching them I have to look away. I honestly feel jealous when I see them doing the same thing we had just done and I hear him compliment them. Once, he and one of the other women (the other students are also teachers at my university) were hitting the birdie back and forth and he laughed and said “hao qiu” because she did something good. I wasn’t even looking at them (I was watching another game) but I heard it, and I felt the jealousy burn in me.

My coach teaching other players. Go away stupid people!

My coach teaching other players. Go away stupid people!

The weird thing is I’m not even a jealous person! I’m very relaxed with friends and guys and don’t at all get upset about typical jealous things. Yet, with my badminton class and my coach I do. I kinda hate those two other women even though they have been nicer to me recently. I mean, I’m not gonna go boil their bunnies anytime soon. But still. I hate them.

The only other event of this week was Thursday night playing. We had only five people, two of whom were newbies. It SUCKS playing against newbies and I’m a total snob for thinking so because I was a newbie not long ago. But it still sucks and instead of feeling good about playing at any cost, I actually feel like I waste my time. It takes me two-hours round trip to play badminton and I learned that sometimes not playing is better than playing. So that was a new lesson for me to learn.

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