Hitting the Birdie is No Longer the Point (WU #20)

On Wednesday, after class, my teacher and I were playing doubles together. I was at the net  and returned a shot, just tipping it over the net so that it flowed down at a slow, but steep, angle. Our opponent was unable to return it. We got the point! Yay!

“No!” my teacher said criticizing me. “That was wrong!”

“Wrong?!” I said in disbelief. We got the point! How was that wrong?

My teacher then went on to tell me why it was wrong. (It was a technique thing.)

A few shots later, as I smashed a birdie out of bounds he said “Good job!” and gave me a high five.

“Good job?!” I said. “But it was out! We lost the point!”

“But your strategy and your form was good. Next time you’ll get it in.”

I’ve been noticing a real difference in play between my regular group and the people my coach plays with. It’s not just the level (though of course my coach’s group is much higher) but it’s also a mentality. I haven’t been able to put my finger on it exactly but I think because of what my coach said this week I’m beginning to understand.





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