My New Badminton Racket!

I forgot to introduce the newest member of my racket family! I got it for my birthday and in the shuffle of everything I forgot to announce it. It’s a girl! A Victor Meteor 260!

It's a girl cause it's all pink and stuff. I'm going with gender stereotypes here.

It’s a girl cause it’s all pink and stuff. I’m going with gender stereotypes here.

It’s from Taiwan, and it’s by far the fanciest, most professional racket I’ve ever had. And it works soooo great! My friends that bought it for me mostly are from Taiwan, where this racket is sold. They are friends I made exclusively through badminton and they know their stuff with rackets, and they know my style of play, so they chose really well. It’s heavy, so I have power, but not too heavy so I have control. (It’s about 86 grams, for those in the know.) And it’s so much lighter and more responsive than my other racket.

It also says it has some fancy “stringing pattern” that allegedly creates better tension and bounce. I don’t understand stringing patterns enough to get why it’s good, but it’s a selling point and I believe it. My smashes have more power, my shots go further. Basically this racket is just the bomb-diggity.

my racket closeup

This racket also has the honors of being the first racket to travel with me! We’ll be taking the train 7 hours west where I’ll spend the summer studying Chinese. My original plan was to focus solely on Chinese (which, I want to improve due to badminton) but then I realized I’m gonna live there a month, in one place, so why the hell NOT play badminton?! And psychologically I’m not sure I could handle an entire month without playing. Yep, the obsession has gone that far.

I love my new racket!


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