Vacation Time!

There will be a little Badminton Becky hiatus as it’s holiday time! I don’t talk much about my job on this blog (please feel free to check out my other blog for non-badminton related stuff in China) but I have a super sweet and amazing job with oodles of free time (20 paid weeks a year to be exact).

This time I’m taking just a short trip. I LOVE Xiamen in the wintertime and a bit hesitant to leave it. Also, it’s a million times better to play badminton now when the temperatures are in the 70′-80’s (15-25) then the summertime when its 100+ (40+)with 1000% humidity. So I don’t want to be away for long.

But I gotta go somewhere cause traveling is in my bones so I’m gonna do a quick two weeks in Shanghai and Thailand. (I hopefully will play a little badminton in Shanghai with Decathalon employees.) Then I’m gonna head back to China for Spring Festival (Chinese New Years) because my coach invited me to his hometown for the holiday!

It makes sense, I’m basically his “slightly older than him/weird” kid so spending the holidays with him and his family is only natural.

I’m a bit nervous, no one will speak English and there will definitely be a lot of strange food that I’ll be expected to eat, but my coach knows me, and will protect me from the weirdest of foods (he knows I’m not gonna eat the eyes, feet or inner organs of any animal, nor anything spicy) and it will be fun to celebrate the holiday in a really traditional way with a family.

Since it’s far away I’ll spend a couple of nights there and of course were gonna play badminton. He has a bunch of badminton friends there and wants me to play against them. Should be funny. Or embarrassing. I’ll let you know.

See ya in a few weeks!



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