Enjoy a Short Badminton Video Compliments of my Jet Lag.

Even though it’s been a week, even though I’ve been diligent about not sleeping during the day and going to bed later at night, I STILL have jet lag from America. Two nights ago I fell asleep a 1am, only to jolt awake 30 minutes and then lie sleeplessly in bed for the next 4 hours. I’ve been turning off the computer early, been wearing myself out with badminton, been avoiding sugar late in the day and drinking cupfuls of chamomile tea. None of it is working.

So this morning when I woke up full of energy at 4am I decided to do something instead of lie there. I didn’t want to make the full commitment of getting out of bed and up and active hopeful I could get some sleep eventually (I ended up falling asleep at 7am for a few hours before training with my coach). So at 4am I used my phone to make a little video. With an iphone it was crazy easy.

Two days ago, after I had given up for the night, my coach went on a playing rampage. There was only two guys in the court both much better than me, but not good enough for my coach. So my coach made them play two against one.

It was after 10pm, and I live in a subtropical climate in the middle of the summer. Playing is hot as hell and by this time everyone was pretty spent.

“Xiao Bing!” my coach said. “Take a video and I’ll win.” (He does better when he has pressure and he knew I would share the video on our badminton group for almost 200 people to see.)

I had taken off my shoes and was eating ice cream by that point but I dutifully recorded the game (it was an 11-pointer) so when I decided to make a video, it was the logical video to make. It’s not the most exciting game of all time but my coach has some great form and I added slow-mo and dramatic music to make it more exciting. I also made English and Chinese subtitles.

So please enjoy “Did you film that?” (Only on youtube right now, so VPN warning. I’ll try to add it to Youku sometime this week so people in China can watch it.)



  1. Fred

    Hello Becky
    I saw your video at the great wall
    your voice is deeper than i thought haha

    1. Fred

      *filmed at the great wall

    2. Becky (Post author)

      Haha, that’s a pretty old video, but I guess my voice hasn’t changed much. 😉


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