I’m Going to See the BWF Superseries China Open!

By some amazing miracle the China Open is happening in a city a mere hour and a half away from me and Azhi and I got tickets! My friend Yang Ping suggested that the semi-finals are more fun to watch than the finals, so we bought tickets for that. They weren’t cheap..580rmb, almost $100 each. We actually wanted to buy the more expensive tickets, but they were sold out.

I’ve seen on social media that Gabby and Chris Adcock are already here, as is Viktor Axelson. I’m guessing the others are too as it starts tomorrow (China time).

I’ve never been to a BWF superseries and I hope it is fun. I went to a China national game (like the NBA of China) and it was great to watch but the whole thing was lacking fun and pomp and swag and ceremony. I’m hoping the BWF China Open has opportunities for me to meet the players, buy cool stuff and have fun.

Whatever happens I will report back and let you know!

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