Our New Club Shirts and the Magic of Badminton

It took forever for my coach to finally order them, but we got our new club shirts with our own logo designed by my coach!

Our shirts are “in the style” of a Victor shirt and the China national team shirts, but are fakes. (Two shirts cost us 100rmb, less than $20 and that includes the custom printing.) But I love them! I think we will look super cool at events, and I feel proud wearing it. I have a lot of shirts from a few groups now, but this is MY club, from MY court with MY coach.

One has the logo on the front pocket and the other has the logo on the back. I know, the back logo should be bigger but my coach doesn’t have much design vision and he didn’t even think about it. Next time…

When I went to the courts to pick up my shirt I didn’t play. Still nervous about my health I watched everyone from the sidelines like a sad little puppy. I didn’t even pick up a racket to practice serves or something non-strenous. (A racket is a gateway drug. What would start out as standing practicing serves by myself would lead to hitting easy with a partners, which would lead to hitting hard and eventually playing.)

But a week and a half after I got out of the hospital I decided it was time. Wearing my new club shirt for courage I went back to the courts to play, lightly, for only one hour.

And I wasn’t feeling that great beforehand. A bit weak and shaky with a cloudy head and no appetite, my plan was to hit for 10-15 minutes, take a 5-10 minute break, and hit again. But the second I picked up my racket (man I missed that thing) my plan went out the window. It felt good to be hitting again, really good, and soon Azhi and I were playing a three game match against a men’s doubles team (which we won, booyah). An hour zoomed by before I even knew it and I went to take a break but someone else called me out to play and I couldn’t say no.

By the time I went home a few hours later I felt healed. My head was clear, I was ravenously hungry, and I didn’t feel nearly as shakey as I did when I started.

Seriously, what is it about badminton?! How do I go into a badminton session exhausted and weak and come out feeling amazing? What devilry is this crazy sport?

So now I’m back in the game. I’m still going to take it easy, only three times playing this week, and no one-on-one training for a few weeks, but I’m back.

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