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So for the past few months I have been a featured blogger over at China Plus America’s Facebook page. I’ve been making videos about my daily life and of course I had to make one about badminton. It’s finally up so I thought I should share it!

Becky in China #10: badminton

While not much more than a grade-school game outside of Asia, badminton is said to be the second-most popular sport in the world. In our video today, Becky tries her hand at the sport.And don't forget to join Becky every Thursday morning for more about her life in China. #ExpatDiaries

Posted by China Plus America on Thursday, May 3, 2018


They made the subtitles (and messed them up a bit) but you can see my courts, my coach and a few of my club members. In fact, the one that says “Welcome to China” is one I have written about before. Me and him ALWAYS fight when we play together. He doesn’t like me to go back and I always yell at him to shut up and I’m a “go back girl.” But see? We are still friends and like each other. Just in case you wonder how anyone still likes me after some of the things I write about on this blog. Yelling at each other on the court doesn’t translate to being enemies off the court (with a few exceptions).

And my coach loves the videos and radio interviews I do because he gets a chance to talk too. He is such a media whore he always perks up in front of a camera. In fact during his last competition I told him I would video it and send it to the badminton group with 100+ people. He always plays better if he knows people are watching so it’s the best way to encourage him.

Also, just one note on the video. I made this for an American audience (aka people that know nothing about badminton). So I had to describe it for the common man. When I talk about tensed muscles I know that’s not quite accurate but it’s the best way to describe it quickly.

You can also watch other videos on that website from me and my daily life including a facebook live video I did with Azhi (my regular badminton partner) answering questions about my life in China (although he doesn’t speak English so he’s pretty quiet the whole time). While I was live 4,000 people watched! And since then a few more thousand watched! Crazy!There are a few other Americans making videos as well if you want to learn more about life in China so check the China plus America page.

Thank YOU for watching them and please feel free to share them if you like it! The more American’s get interested in badminton the better. But it’s a hard struggle to try to make them understand what an awesome sport it is….


  1. Mark Wilson

    Really enjoyed the video! You’re a good cheerleader for playing badminton in US (or indeed, anywhere)! Keep up the good work!

  2. Duane

    Hi Becky!!! I hope this message finds you. I found your blog and I am traveling from Shenzhen to Xiamen as I type on Friday night. I’m looking to play badminton but I don’t know anyone aince I’m from Canada…are you playing this weekend? Maybe add me on we chat “dsleewo” and I can join you for a game? Look forward to hitting some shuttles..cheers Duane.


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