Getting Ready for the Badminton Training Camp!

Three weeks ago my classes ended. You’d think I’d be living the life now that I have no work for the next 11 weeks, but actually I’m just as busy, if not more so, then when I was working.

First I had the Becky Cup to organize and execute and now I have the training camp. There are several people coming from all over the world (and relying on me) so I gotta make sure everything is set and ready. It’s gonna be a hot and tiring week, but I’m really looking forward to it.

After the training camp I will have 4 days to rest and relax before I have another badminton tournament and two days after that I’m taking off to Europe for my summer holiday (which I’ve also been organizing and planning these days). So I am busy!

But between all this badminton and traveling organizing, I’ve somehow managed to keep up with my own training and playing. I went to the other local badminton court, the one owned by my coaches arch-nemesis, and I played really well. Everyone commented on how much I improved, which was a great feeling in my petty bones. Since I am the most infamous student of my coach, my improvement reflects his hard work, and I was glad to show off for his arch-nemesis. (Though, for the record, the arch-nemesis has always been nice to me.)

And here’s one more thing to show you. As usual, one night after club play, I was looking through the video footage to see how I did when I stumbled upon this clip:

I should maybe feel bad for how much I enjoy this? But I don't. Heh heh…

Posted by Becky Ances on Saturday, July 7, 2018


Besides the hit, my favorite thing is that after it ricochets off his head, the guy behind him actually goes for it and continues to hit it (which I catch). It’s hilarious because it shows no concern for Wei Peng, the poor guy I hit. We play together so much, and are good friends, we kinda don’t need to make a big apology. If it was someone I wasn’t friends with I would have run over and checked and asked if they were okay. But with Wei Peng we all kinda laughed and kept playing.  Also, my coach fell behind me and no one asked if he was okay. We are just too used to playing with each other I guess.

(I also turned this video into a gif which I now use on wechat much to Wei Peng’s annoyance, heh heh.)

Okay, enough writing. Back to preparing everything!

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