I Talked with Ken Momota, Tai Tzu Ying (again) and More on Day Two of the Yonex-Sunrise Hong Kong Open!

Here is my second vlog on day two of the Yonex-Sunrise 2018 Hong Kong Open. I was more tired AND more excited on the second day. Also, I can’t believe the number of views my first video got! Thanks to everyone who watched and subscribed, and if this is your first time to my blog, please look around and read some of the popular articles listed on the side. I just recently started making videos on youtube but I’ve been blogging about my badminton journey for 3 years now! So there is lots of material to read about!


And please enjoy my second day at the 2018 Hong Kong open and subscribe and like this video so you will get notifications when my next one comes out!


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