Chinese Badminton Training Camp Last Two Weeks to Sign up!

The 2019 Chinese Badminton Training camp is getting closer and closer. You have only TWO MORE WEEKS to register. The training is held in beautiful Xiamen China, and training will be held in a professional court with a Chinese coach so you can learn the Chinese techniques!

Training is from July 13th-21st, 2019 and the schedule includes 3 hours of daily training, much of it 1-on-1 with the coach to focus on exactly what you need to improve. Then at night you can play with the club for an additional 2-4 hours to use what you have just learned. There is one rest day in the middle of the week to avoid injuries after the rigors of constant training, but since you are in China you might as well use that day to explore! We’ll prepare a trip for you to see some of the most popular sites in Xiamen city. Then on the last day of training we will have a little competition at night so you can show off how much you improved. 🙂

What does the training camp include? Well, you can go to this page for all the details, but to quickly summarize the training camp includes the following:

Included in the price:
8 nights Hotel
Coach fees
Court and (feather) shuttle fees
Daily evening club play
Welcome dinner
Goodbye dinner
6 lunches
Transportation to and from the courts from your hotel
Student helper/translator available all day
Snacks at court

Yep, that’s all hotel, lunches, training fees, shuttles and club play fees, and even a personal translator/helper that can help you even when you aren’t at the courts. You are responsible for the visas and transportation fees getting to Xiamen, China, but once you are here we will take care of you.

I know coming to China might be a big trip, but you deserve to have a fun holiday where you focus on your favorite sport, surrounded by people that love it as much as you do!

Please go to this page (or click on the training camp tab at the top of the page) to get all the details and pricing. Then, email me at to get the sign-up form. Hurry up as you only have two weeks left! Registrations ends June 13th!!

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