A Little Rant

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Today’s video is a little rant about something that had been bothering me.


  1. ATH-YF

    I’m from France and the clubs in my country solve the issue by putting specific schedules for serious and casual players.
    My club have freeplay the week ends 3H per day.
    2h30 Monday nights for casuals, 2h30 Wednesday night for competitors.
    We have limited play time since the place is used for all kinds of sports.

    Even big clubs who have court available all week stick peoples in groups.

    The cost if always different for each.

    Unfortunately the struggle remain between players due to various attitudes and lack of communication.

    Just address the issues speaking with the girls and ask them if she can at least feed you the shuttle to practice some drills.

    I’m sure those cats didn’t even ASK people to play with them.
    This whole situation seem like a test on tough-love & self-love.


    1. Becky (Post author)

      We have so much playing time, any day for as long as we want, that I can’t really be selfish when it comes to playing time with beginners. But I CAN be selfish when I feel like I’m being picked on to do something because it is a “girl” thing. And these girls would, for sure, have no idea how to feed shuttles. They just come for fun one day and then disappear forever.


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