Chatting with Lin Dan, Kevin and Marcus, Viktor Axelsen and More at the Yonex-Sunrise Hong Kong Open!

So I went to the 2019 Yonex-Sunrise Hong Kong Open again this year. I dodged protestors and avoided clashes with police to watch some of the best badminton and interview some of the world’s best players.

This year I got to interview not one, but TWO American players, (Zhang Beiwan and the upcoming Lauren Lam) as well as Indonesia’s most entertaining men’s doubles team, The Minions. I also talked to Viktor Axelsen (twice), The Adcock’s, Chen Long, and more!

This is my first video about my first day

And this is my second video about days 2 and 3!

But stay tuned as I have at least 2 more videos coming out based on the tournament, and more interviews with Ginting, Axelsen, the Minions and the official Yonex stringing team, and Axelsen’s physical coach (who also happens to be American, and a super nice guy.) So make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don’t miss them!

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