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If you haven’t already been following the Badminton Podcast, then now is the time to do it! That’s because the latest episode features moi! Actually I have been chatting with the Volant Wear guys for some time, because of my older post about how ugly badminton clothes are. They are badminton enthusiasts themselves and they agree 100% and they have decided to do something about it! So they started their own badminton clothing company that makes simple, plain but attractive shirts for badminton players. They are a small indie company so they are building their line slowly, but they are also building more than just a clothing company, they are trying to build up badminton.

Between the clothes, the podcast and their great blog, they are really trying to bring badminton to a bigger audience and talk about things that aren’t featured on other websites and vlogs. And if there is one thing that badminton needs, it’s more high quality content like these guys are producing!

So after you listen to my episode, make sure to subscribe and listen to every episode. You will get a lot out of it and you will be helping the badminton community as well!

Here is all the places you can find the podcast. Of course you can get it from the same place you already download your podcasts but here are some links just in case.

Apple Podcast:


Anchor FM:–Building-a-life-around-the-love-of-badminton–Becky-Ances-e92rto

Player FM:

Also I love their introduction “Her story is very unique. She is from the USA and has been living in China for almost 10 years. And although she lives and breathes badminton now (and won’t shut up about it!), she had never even heard of the sport before she moved to China.”

They nailed me! I actually had a great time talking to these guys and I hope you have fun listening to it!

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  1. sara jons

    The you suggested. Have many fashionable cloths of a badminton player i was finding such a website.Thanks for the suggestion


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