Training Livestream Changing!

When I started training I always did it during the day, with no one around. At night there are so many distractions: courts are filled, people want to talk to my coach, that training is constantly interrupted. But during the day things are peaceful, quiet, I have energy and my coach can just focus on training without all the distractions.

So since summer holiday is beginning I’m changing my training to the mornings, which means my livestream time will change for the next few months as well. It will still be the first wednesday of the month, but I am now doing it in the mornings instead of the evenings. So here is the new times for people around the world:

New time is Beijing: 9:45am!
Delhi/Mumbai: 7:15am
New York: 9:45 pm (tuesday night)
Los Angeles 6:45 pm (tuesday night)
Syndey: 11:45 am
Cebu, Philippines: 9:45 am
Auckland: 1:45 pm
London: 2:45 am
Paris: 3:45 am
Dubai: 5:45 am

I had a few regulars that would watch the evening livestream so I’m sad that they probably won’t be able to join (because many people will be at work then) but I’m looking forward to all the new people I can meet with this time change (especially Americans…not that many play badminton, lol.) So please come join me!


  1. Jacky

    Live stream badminton, that should be really interesting. How do I watch your live streams?

    1. Becky (Post author)

      Go to my youtube channel called “badminton becky” and subscribe and click the notification bell and you should be notified when I do one!


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