The Dragon Badminton Shop is OPEN!!!!!

I’ve been secretly working on a little project all summer long and I am SO EXCITED release it to the world!!!

Welcome to Dragon Badminton, the shop from badminton lovers to badminton lovers!

I have complained a lot over the years how badminton players don’t have enough fun badminton stuff for their everyday life. Sure, we might have a ton of badminton shirts for ON the court, but what about off? What about badminton stuff to keep at our desks at work, or to decorate our houses?

So I decided to start Dragon Badminton to fill that empty hole in our lives. Here you can get everything badminton themed for your daily life, like t-shirts mugs, journals, towels, playing cards and much more! Just head on over to here to start checking out the items.

And as a special thank you there is a 10% discount on EVERYTHING for the first week! So if there is something you like, snag it this week (from Aug 24th to 31st only!) for 10% off.

Also because I want this to be very internationally friendly after all badminton is such an international sport, I have a special shipping offer. In America for orders over $100 you get free shipping, but even better for international shipping, which is usually quite pricey, you can get FREE shipping for orders over $150!

(Shipping times vary, since these products are made and sent to you, it usually takes 5-10 days to arrive in America, and can take up to a month for international shipping depending where you are. So please be patient, I promise it’s worth it.)

Also–we are currently having a little issue shipping to some Asian countries like India and China. Please be patient as we figure it out!

You can watch this week’s video all about it!

Anyway, I am so excited, and a little nervous, to start this new venture. Please pass this on to all your badminton loving friends and let me know what you think about it all! Thanks so much for your support over the years of watching my vlog, reading my blog and basically helping promote badminton to the world!! Head on over to the shop!!

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  1. Jacky

    Lovely, congratulations on launching Dragon Badminton. I will check out your store.


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