World’s Longest Badminton Rally

Check out this amazing rally between two female doubles teams. It was clocked at 256 rallies beating the former “longest rally” of 100-something.

The thing I like most about this is the team work. It’s easiest to watch the team in red, and see how they bounce around the court, constantly changing positions, and covering different parts of the court. It means they are equally strong in all parts and the teamwork connection is impressive. They seem to just know where the other one is at all times, while keeping their eye on the birdie and not looking at each other. And as one cycles around to a new position, the other fills the gaps of where they just were.

And notice how bouncy they are throughout! Bouncy, bouncy, never standing still even though they must be exhausted.

My favorite type of play is doubles (thought I prefer mixed doubles) and I hope to find a regular partner to play with and get this kind of partner sync.

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