My Badminton Goals

A797BF2E7FOkay, I might as well publicly state my goals.

It’s been about 6 months since I started playing and I like that number. So all my goals right now I am looking to accomplish in six more months: April 2016.

Goal number One: Be the obvious best girl in my current group.

We have some pretty good guys in my group, but the girls are at a clear lower level. There is also not one front runner. When I asked around “who’s the best girl player,” I got a lot of long pauses and different answers. By April I want to be the front runner.

Goal Number Two: Be good enough to join a club.

I talk about my group as a club, and we are, but we are a rouge group. We operate entirely on our own, no affiliation or knowledge at all, about other clubs. But, if you want to compete and be serious about it, you gotta join a real club. But to join a club you gotta be good and be introduced. (And play your way in. It’s not just a who you know thing, but you have to be at a high level.) There are no foreigners that play in these clubs and I’m not gonna lie, my blond hair and white skin might gain me admission to a club in which I am not totally up to their level. I’ll take any advantage I can get.

Goal Number Three: Play in a competition.

I’ll need to join a club first, but then I hope to play in a low level/newbie competition. Notice my goal isn’t to win a competition. It’s only six months after all. And I do terrible with pressure like a competition. But I want to play so that later I can start winning.

Goal Number Four: Find a doubles partner.

I much prefer doubles to singles and I prefer mixed doubles. So I’d like to find a guy to play with regularly. I think to be a good mixed doubles team you need to play together a lot and have a good rapport. And of course I want to find a guy who is better than me. For once in my life I want to be the weaker one as only by being constantly challenged can I improve myself.

So, four goals, six months. These goals can’t be achieved in the next few weeks. In fact I expect to meet these all in the last weeks of my time frame. For the next five and a half months, I’ll need to focus on practicing and playing. 加油!

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