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Badminton in China

Me and my racket. BFF’s

For the first few months I used the communal rackets my group keeps on hand. As regulars at the badminton place, we have a permanent wooden locked box next to our courts. We keep our birdies and some extra rackets there and I was happy to use whichever one I could get my hands on.

But as the months wore on, and I kept playing, I realized maybe I should get my own racket. Sometimes if I arrived late, others would take the rackets and I would have to ask around to see if anyone had an extra. Also, I heard that getting accustomed to one racket would improve your game.

At the end of June, I told my friend I was going to the sports store Decathalon to buy some more clothes. It’s a bit of a trek, I only go every few months, and I mentioned that maybe I should buy myself a racket.

“Maybe you should wait on that,” she said.

“Why?” I asked back, and then, “Ohhhh, I know why!!” My birthday was in a week. It was my gift!

I was presented with my racket next time at badminton, and I fell in love with it right away. It was perfect. My closest group of friends all pitched in, even the ones that don’t play badminton.

The note my friends gave me with my racket.

The note my friends gave me with my racket.

Not only was I touched, but I was also relieved. have you ever seen a badminton racket display in the store? There are so many, all with different specs and stuff, I really would have no idea where to begin. And with everything written in Chinese I really didn’t know how to begin to choose one. So luckily my knowledgeable friends took care of that for me.

It’s an Artengo 860’s for those of you that know anything about rackets. It’s the brand from Decathalon, the french sport store. It’s super light, only 85g and is made for consistent game play. It’s black with some white, blue and purple designs all over it. It’s my lucky racket and I swear it sometimes takes control and moves my hand to be in the rightplace at the right time, powered by the love and support of my friends. (Then I use that power to kick their ass, hahaha.)

My racket and I have been on some epic adventures since that fateful day in late June when we met. We’ve gone to the beach, ridden the bus all over the city, and my racket has kissed almost as many people as I have. I’ll share the many adventures of my racket in upcoming posts!

The night I got the racket. You can tell I was very excited.

The night I got the racket. You can tell I was very excited.


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