Badminton Injury!

Badminton is a no contact sport, so injuries beyond knee, wrist and shoulder problems are rare. But every now and then you get stuck on the wrong side of a slam and the birdie smashes into you going quite fast. I’ve been hit in the back of my head, the side of my eyebrow, my shoulders, my legs.

And just the other day I was hit squarely in the middle of my forehead by one of my close friends. It was like something out of a cartoon. I hit it up, he smashed it directly at me, and I couldn’t move fast enough to avoid it, though it came towards me like in slo-mo. As it was right in the center of my forehead, I’m pretty sure my eyes went cross-eyed as it came closer.

Normally my forehead is smooth, not all lumpy.

Normally my forehead is smooth, not all lumpy.

We shit talk all the time, my friend and I, and I was beating him so I’m not entirely convinced it was an accident. But we both almost fell on the ground with laughter, me cupping the hurt spot on my forehead and him trying to apologize through his tears. We had to actually take a break, not because it was a serious injury, but because we couldn’t pull it together. I think I laughed my way through the next few points and couldn’t look at my friend without giggling a bit for the rest of the game.

And then we finished, I went to go home and I touched the spot in my forehead. It was a welt! I had a giant welt on my head! Throughout all my badminton hits, I’ve never actually had any damage before. I think this counts as my first real badminton injury.


  1. Autumn

    A badge of honor! Like a sex injury! 😉

  2. Becky (Post author)

    Haha, though definitely a lot less sexy.


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