Forecast the Weather with Badminton

Where I come from, New England in America, we experience all kinds of weather. Way more than the typical four boring seasons. We also have mud season, black fly season and so on. In fact, there is a joke about how we tell the weather with a rock. It goes like this:

Yankee Weather Rock

Yankee Weather Rock

Well, here in southern China we have a lot less seasons. Basically two. Hot as hell and just hot. Luckily the season seems to be changing from hot as hell to just hot. I can keep track of this change by my trusty sweatbands.

It was a "half a soaker" which must mean the weather is getting cooler.

It was a “half a soaker” which must mean the weather is getting cooler.

Honestly, this was the first time I didn’t have a completely soaked sweatband. Usually I flip it around so I can keep the driest parts to wipe my face, so the whole thing gets thoroughly wet. Yet somehow, in mid-november I managed to keep half dry! Temps are still in the 30’s C (that’s upper 80’s F with some heat indexes still getting into the 90’s) so it’s not like I’m living the cold life here. I haven’t even been able to wear a light sweater for more than a second before I sweat (though I have tried on some windy nights to wear a long sleeve shirt. Of course I’m really hot, but it shows I’m an optimist).

But thanks to my new trusty weather predictor it looks like things are finally beginning to cool off.

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