Weekly Update #4 (A sad, short one)

Every week I recap how my week in badminton went. I play three days a week: games with my regular group on Tuesday and Thursday and class with my teacher on Wednesdays. 

Badminton is a kind of magic. Ever since I have started playing it, I haven’t gotten sick. I’m a teacher so I get sick a lot (thanks to my germy students) and end up cancelling class due to a cold at least once a semester. Occupational hazard.

But since I started playing badminton, I haven’t gotten one single cold. In fact, a few weeks ago, I was feeling a bit yucky. Sore mouth, glands that were swelling, and after badminton I was magically cured and felt great. I figured I had sweat the germs out of me.

Until this week.

I felt fine going in Tuesday night, and my first few games were good. And then something went wrong. My dinner kept kinda burping itself up, and my muscles were burning. Usually during a game, physical sensations are not really noticeable (like sweating a lot, or a pain somewhere) but suddenly I couldn’t really focus on my game at all. I was feeling naaaasty.

So I left early, and even ended up taking a cab home because I didn’t want to be on the bus in case something happened. My muscles hurt, my bones hurt. My feet were especially sensitive. my clothes kinda rubbed on my skin the wrong way. As I walked home, I got chills, and goosebumps covered my skin. I could barely drag myself to take a shower before crashing into bed.

The next day I canceled my badminton class and only went out for dinner, staying at home and napping. Thursday I felt better, I seem to have staved off the worst of it by relaxing, but I didn’t want to push my luck, so I stayed home and didn’t play as well.

It wasn’t a total loss though. I stayed home, drank tea, ate cookies and watched the amazing mixed doubles game from the recent China open. It was China’s Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunlei (the girl–who I really like) against Denmark’s Joachim Fischer Nielsen and Christinna Pedersen. (I like Joachim because he is close to my age and one of the top doubles players showing it CAN be done.) Anyway, I even knew who won, but the three games were a real nail biter and pulled me away from playing Farm Hero Saga on my phone (so you KNOW it was good.) In case you’re interested check it out:

So a short week of badminton, just a few games on one day, but I’ll be ready to kill it again next week.

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