It’s my Birthminton!

Today is my birthminton! Or should I say badday? (Badminton and birthday are hard words to mash up.) One year ago today I picked up a badminton racket for the first time! Woot!

My friends had been playing badminton for awhile, but I just never went. It was far away and I wasn’t interested at all, but March 19th happens to be my friends birthday, and we arranged a small surprise party for her at the end of badminton.

I figured since I had to be there anyway for her birthday surprise, I might as well go early and try this badminton thing. I wore khaki pants and my normal shoes, borrowed a racket, and probably just ran around like an idiot. I remember I took a lot of breaks, and sat down between matches. I don’t remember much from that time actually.

KTV China

This is a picture from that night. (After badminton we went to KTV for my friends birthday.) I played badminton in jeans?! Yikes!

Apparently I enjoyed it because I started going once a week for awhile after that. There were a bunch of other people there, but I didn’t really know them and I stuck with my friends. After a few weeks, I ended up getting some sports clothes to wear while I played. Three months later, my friends gave me my racket for my birthday and I became friends with the other members. Seven months later I would start my training with my teacher (and this blog).

So while I didn’t fall in love with it right away, today is still a big day. My life didn’t change immediately, but it was the first step.

What are you doing today that will change your life one year later? Take that first step today, because even if it comes slow, it will come. And don’t be afraid to try new things. This whole badminton obsession is the last thing I ever expected to happen to me. So who knows what new things you’ll discover if you try.

(And happy birthday Emilie!)



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