Badminton Costs: January and February

I’m combining the first two months of the year together because I was on holiday for two months, part of which was Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) which is a 15 day holiday in which everything shuts down. So, with me traveling and then Spring Festival happening, there wasn’t a ton of badminton action these past few months.


Bought my new badminton team shirt! But that was about it for these two months. Got off cheap in this category.

Total cost 61rmb ($10)


Sadly, the travel and then holiday meant no class for two months! *sob*

Total cost 0 rmb ($0)

Court time 

I played twice in January and seven times in February for total of 11 times. With so many people gone for the holiday I sometimes had to actually beg friends to join just to get 4 people to play. It was rough.

Total Cost: 140rmb ($22)


New category! As I went to the chiropractor in January as a result of badminton, I feel like it is only fair to add the expenses to this list.

Total cost: 588rmb ($90)

Total cost for January/February 2016: 789rmb ($121) 





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