The Struggle For New Shoes

My average American frame makes me a hugely obese Chinese person, and even the simple task of buying a new pair of badminton shoes turns into a multi-day search (even though I have bought and worn so many pairs before so I know my size and everything…well I thought I did.)



  1. Gerry

    Interesting about the shoes, I had the same problem when I spent a year coaching in Asia ?. Had to buy 3 or 4 XL clothes ? made me feel like a beached whale ?. Even here in the UK the yonex shoes are sooo small and tight, I can only buy their power cushion 65’s as they are wide fit.

    In the brief shot of you receiving serve, you really exposed your backhand side, is that what you were taught ? The drive or straight flick Serve could cos you difficulties ?

    1. Becky (Post author)

      Yeah, thank god for Decathalon in China as its the only “normal” store I can go to and buy clothes that say medium and I can feel like a normal person, haha.

      And don’t worry, I know. 😉 With the magic of editing I can make myself look like I am a great player, but I don’t want to misrepresent myself or my game play so I make sure to put shots of me playing like a dummy. I think shots of me hitting it into the net are boring (since that’s such a common mistake) so I am trying to choose shots where I have poor form or poor strategy to give a more clear picture of my game play.


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