Playing at my University

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you’ll know I hate playing at my school. That’s because despite having very nice, free courts for regular use, the only people that play there are teachers. And I have a long-standing beef with my co-workers. They were responsible for my worst day or self-doubt and pity, and they haven’t improved over the years. Despite my level now being higher than most of them, they still make me feel like an outsider who is not good enough to play with. (As I recently found out when I played with them in prep for an upcoming university tournament. My partner, Bai Laoshi, has always been kind to me, and very friendly, the only teacher to act that way towards me.) Azhi came with me and despite winning by a lot, every time, they made HIM feel unwelcomed too. They are just a super cliquey group not interested in improving or playing with others.

So I avoid playing at my university. But my friend and a coach Yang Ping has recently started teaching at my university and now he runs a (still free) training session once a week. I like him and like playing/training with him, so this week I braved it and went to school to play. This is the vlog!



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