Racket Adventures: DEATH!!

My racket. My beautiful racket given to me 10 months ago by my friends. The racket that took me from a beginner to an advanced beginner. The racket that was with my in my first class with my teacher, the one I won the mini competition with, the one I just got restrung.

I don’t even know what happened! I didn’t notice it immediately. My partner and I went for the same birdie and we hit it simultaneously. That was probably the culprit, but I didn’t notice for two points until someone was serving against me.

My faithful racket! My selfless racket! My magical racket that loved kisses, going to the beach and traveling and reading good books!

Of course I won’t throw it away. It’s earned it’s place on my wall in memoriam forever. My first, and favorite, racket.

R.I.P. little buddy. You'll be missed.

R.I.P. little buddy. You’ll be missed.

Now I gotta go shopping!


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