Badminton Costs: May and June


I’ve pretty much got things down pat these days, and with my new shoes, and re-stringing my racket twice last time, I really didn’t have much costs at all. I did get myself some fancy new sweatbands, and a new shirt and some shorts (all at Decathalon). Nothing too extreme or expensive.

Total cost: 150rmb ($22)


Didn’t miss one week, even though I didn’t feel so good. One time we just played a few games with other people and then I sat down the rest of the time, but I still gave him the full fee because he deserves it.

Total cost: 1,350 rmb ($202)

Court time: 

My court time is changing a little, yet the price is almost the same. With my group, it averages out to be 20 kuai per time, but now I’m in the new group and my coach has a flat fee of 20 for woman (25 for men, which makes me a little mad, I don’t know why he has two prices, but anyway…) So I played 15 times in these two months and it all averages out to be 20 per time.

I’ll also add my own registration fee to my own tournament because yes, I did pay.

Total cost: 430 rmb ($64)

Total costs May and June: 1,930 rmb ($289) 

Total cost this year: 5,657 ($846)

Still the best money I could spend…..

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