My Coach is in My Head (WU #22)

On Tuesday, playing with my foreigner group, I got a shot over the net (barely) and my opponent wasn’t able to return it.

“Hao qiu!” my partner said (good shot) but I silently cursed myself. Because booming in my head I heard my coach yelling at me. “You had no purpose! That was a weak shot.”

Because, truth was, it was a very weak shot. I didn’t win that point because of my talent, I won it because my opponent wasn’t very good.

Later, as I kept playing, I heard my coach again and again berate me for being too slow, hitting with no power, etc, etc. The dude is officially in my head.

When I saw him the next night, and told him about it, he was quite happy. “You yell at me in my head!” I said. He did a little excited fist pump

I’m also basically living at his gym now that my job is finished for the summer and I have time.

“See you tomorrow,” he said one night as I was leaving.

“Tomorrow?” I said. Tomorrow was Sunday. I never played on Sundays. I had originally gone just two nights a week, then three. Going Sunday would mean 4 nights a week.

“Yeah. 7:30,” he said.

How could I refuse?

So now I play 5 nights a week, with most nights being 3.5-4 hours a night. Somehow I’m not dead but I have some pretty regular sore muscles I’m hoping will adapt eventually.

Okay, it's not all work all the time, sometimes we play...

Okay, it’s not all work all the time, sometimes we play. It’s an advantage of being friends with the boss! (And spending a huge amount of time at the place.)




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