Things I Love About Badminton


The moment before a serve. Everyone is tensed, ready, and still. All noise ceases and you step out of the real world into the badminton world. It’s like everyone has inhaled as one and is holding their breath a second before the exhale.

How a row of birdies looks like little feathery dragons

Birdie Dragons!

That crisp “thwack” when you hit a perfect clear

The speed at which a fast drop falls

That moment where you scream out “GO OVER” in your head for a birdie that lands on the top of the net and takes a split second before choosing going over

When you are preparing to return a smash and your down low with your butt behind you wiggling like that Shaq/cat gif.

Net kills. All the net kills.

Taking off your shoes at the end of a hard days play. Ahhhhhhhh….

Obviously I love all parts of badminton but these small moments are some of my favorite things that I love the most. You?


  1. Nadeem

    That moment you send your opponent one way and the shuttle the opposite way.

    When the shuttle drops in slow motion, inbetween your two opponents and they have their feet glued to the floor looking at each other.

    1. Becky (Post author)

      The first one I hate because it is usually me going the wrong way! Haha

  2. Jooji

    An unexpected return.

    A beautiful clean serve that lands between your opponent’s feet as they look at it confused.

    Opening your hair after playing for hours. 🙂


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