Viktor Axelsen Knows Who I Am and I Knock Off Another Goal

SO OMG you guys Vicktor Axelsen knows who I am!!! *Squeal*

I follow him on Facebook and he and his teammates do a podcast. But it’s in Danish, which you can’t blame them for but it means I’ve never been able to listen. The other day he posted saying they got a lot of requests to speak English so they did one in English which I promptly listened to while mopping my floor.

It was all about the recent World Championships where Hans-Kristian Vittinghus played and lost and Viktor won gold (beating Lin Dan). I really enjoyed listening to them talking about it, especially dealing with nerves, and afterwards I wrote on his Facebook to say so.

Then he WROTE ME BACK! I was tutoring my young student when my phone got a notification.

 So we both ran to the computer and looked and this is what he wrote!

So now two, TWO Olympic badminton players know I exist. Would wonders never cease. Now if only team Denmark would start reading my blog, find me charming and invite me to train with them for a few weeks….

(And obviously I recommend you to listen to their podcast. Hopefully they will keep doing them in English.)

Meanwhile I have basically given up on goals that I used to write regularly. Remember I used to write goals and update them every six months? The last one I wrote about a year ago and it was how I accomplished all goals except two. Beat Azhi in singles, and beat Xiao He in singles.

I basically gave up on this goals because they don’t suit me. I don’t play singles. I don’t train singles. I have very little to do with singles and Xiao He tore his achilles heel and ended up moving away from Xiamen. So even if I wanted to challenge him I couldn’t.

But the other day Azhi and I were playing and after hitting it back and forth for a bit we decided to try a singles game.

“Eleven point game,” I said not wanting to get crushed in a 21 point one. He agreed.

After he got the first few points I changed it.

“Seven points!” I said. Singles really isn’t my thing and I didn’t need the humiliation to go on too long.

But then the winds of fate changed and the points started adding up for me.

“Eleven points!” I said changing it again because I was doing all the right things.

Bada Bing, Bada boom, I was the first to reach eleven. I think both of us were a little surprised. After freaking out for a minute I ran over and bragged to my coach who also couldn’t believe it. (That’s how bad I am at singles.)

Azhi blamed his racket. We played the next day, he used my extra racket, and he won easily enough. But I won once dammit! That’s all I need.

So while I might have given up my goals, my goals apparently haven’t given up on me.


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