The Most Inspiring Stick in the World

Yes people, you read that title right. I’m talking about a stick. A motherfucking piece of wood.

But not just any piece of wood, the greatest most-inspiring stick in the world! This is the Seabiscuit, the Rocky, the Jamaican bobsledding team of sticks.

That’s because the stick doesn’t know it’s a stick. The stick was once a tree. A tree that blew over in a typhoon a year ago and was cut up and used to make a tripod around another tree to keep that tree alive.

But this stick doesn’t give a fuck. It was born to be a tree and no one is gonna tell it otherwise. Not the typhoon that knocked it over, not the guy that cut it up and especially not the tree that it is helping to hold up.

This stick gives zero fucks.

It’s not supposed to grow roots: this stick is growing roots. It’s not supposed to flower and grow leaves; this stick has new growth all over it.

This stick knows what it was put on the earth to do. This stick won’t let societies expectations or it’s own physical limitations stop it. It’s a motherfucking tree and you can’t tell it otherwise.

But the challenges this stick faces isn’t over. The gardeners said “you are a stick” and in the fury of “tree care” this stick was cut down again. It’s leaves cruelly stripped out, the bark torn and tattered. Because who needs to be careful and cautious with a  stick? It was ripped and mutilated because the gardener said, “you are a stick. Stop pretending you are a tree.”


Did this tree give up? Did he say “the whole world’s against me, it’s unfair and there is nothing I can do about it! Woe is me!”

No. This motherfucking started growing again. This stick wants to be a tree and no one and nothing is telling it otherwise.

Be like the stick.

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