Come Train Badminton in China With Me!

As an English speaker who is living and training badminton in China I realize I have a bit of a unique niche. China is the gold star in the badminton world but unless you live here (and speak Chinese) it is hard to find a coach, or some sort of training camp, especially for adults. I’ve gotten a lot of e-mail from (English speaking) people asking me for help arranging something and goaded on by my friends on the badminton forums I figured what the heck. Why not arrange one myself.

So introducing Dragon Badminton Adult Badminton Training Camp!

July 14-22, 2018


Look at the official training page for more details (it’s on the top menu bar of every page on my blog) but I’ll lay out the basics here. It’s a 8-night intensive training camp specifically for English speaking adult players. Due to the hot summer temps training will be 3 hours from 9-12 every morning.Then after lunch (which we eat together at the courts) the bus will bring you back to your hotel and you are free to spend the afternoon and evening resting or exploring China. If you aren’t dead from the training you can go back to the courts at night and play with the local club players for free.

Everyone will arrive on Saturday and we will have a welcome dinner that night with training starting early Sunday morning. We’ll have three days of training and then one rest day. As this is a camp for adults, and training will include some body exercise as well, having that rest day is really important to prevent injury. There is an optional trip I’m planning for that day or you can explore the area on your own. Then back to training the rest of the week to be capped off with a competition the last day (with local players) where you can try out your new skills. I’m also roping my students into this to help with translation during the entire week. They’ll be around during training to translate for the coaches but even better they’ll be around all afternoons and evenings so you can ask them any question and they can translate for you in any situation.

I’m in the perfect position to arrange this. I have a coach who has his own badminton court, I’m friends with several amazing coaches, and I teach university student who are majoring in English translation. I’m also extremely organized and a bit of a bossy bitch. All I had to do was add the hotel and shuttle bus and voila, we have a week long training camp in China for English speaking players!

You’ll also get to meet my coach, and Azhi, and Yang Ping and all the other people I talk about on my blog. Lucky you!

The trip includes:

8 nights Hotel
Coach fees
Court and shuttle fees
Daily evening club play
Welcome dinner
Goodbye dinner
6 lunches
Transportation to and from the courts from your hotel
Commemorative T-shirt
Student helper/translator available all day
Snacks at court

Not included:
Health insurance (Must have!)
Dinners (except the first and last night)
Breakfasts (if you choose the 5-star hotel breakfast is included)
Drinks during training

This isn’t a business or anything for me, just trying to help promote the sport and give people a chance to come to China (Also, selfishly I’d love to hang out with English speaking badminton lovers for a few days. It gets very lonely being the only westerner playing.) I literally just booked the hotels (finding the cheapest prices I could) and added the other fees to come up with the final price.

I know your all curious about the price and since I don’t know proper online marketing I’ll just lay it out here:

Pricing (in US dollars)

Includes all the above and your choice of hotel rooms:

North Bay 5-star hotel including a breakfast buffet:
Shared room: $1300 per person
Single room: $1750 per person

JinJiang 3-star hotel (no breakfast):
Shared room: $880 per person
Single room: $1050 per person

The five-star North Bay Hotel is pretty swank. It’s also right on the water and has both an indoor and outdoor pool!

I wanted to try to get it as affordable as possible so money isn’t too big a factor. But I also need to make it comfortable for people so I think I found the best mix with these two hotels. (I personally recommend the five-star hotel as they have free breakfast and pools, but both will be clean and comfortable, and both are almost next to each other so you won’t be far apart.)

So go over to the description page where I talk more details about training, the coaches, the facilities, the plan for the travel day and even assuage your fears of Chinese pollution (spoiler alert: we have very clean air here so don’t worry.)

The deadline to sign up is June 14th or until I get 10 people. (10 people maximum, 3 people minimum.) Contact me if you are interested or have any questions. I know coming to China is a big trip for many, and maybe a little scary, but we’ll pick you up from the airport and drop you off when you leave and play lots and lots of badminton in between!




  1. Toby

    Wow this sounds awesome!! I would love to go, but I’m not sure it’ll work out with my job schedule. I’ll keep it in the back of my mind though!

    1. Becky (Post author)

      Hey, everyone needs a vacation, right? 😉

  2. Niels Casper Jensen

    Hi, Whats the Usual price for this training Camp?

    1. Becky (Post author)

      Go check out the page with the details!

      (The price is at the bottom)


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