Badminton Field Trip

It’s Spring Festival which means all of China is basically closed. Everyone goes back to their hometowns and most small restaurants and businesses are shut for a week or more. Even my beloved court is closed for 5 days.

So, instead of hiding away at home, I faced the crowds traveling at the train station and went to visit my coach in his hometown. You may remember that I visited him in his hometown 2 years ago but this time we had a club field trip as 2 other club members joined us.

Unfortunately it turned out Chaozhou, a pretty nothing of a place that isn’t that famous, had the biggest increase in travelers in all of China this year. Literally tens of thousands of people poured into the little city for visiting and touring on the exact same day I did. DOH! Going out for a quick dinner turned into an almost 4 hour event just because of the traffic and waiting for a table at the restaurant. Jeesh.

But we did play some good badminton and we had some fun as well, so please enjoy the video!

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